Price Hike Expected for iPhone 6

‘All good things come with a higher price quote’- this proverb is apt for iPhone 6. While the entire cyber space and tech world is going gaga about the rumoured features of iPhone 6, which are undoubtedly very advanced, we are pretty sure that it is going to come with quite some price difference as well. The bigger scratch resistant screen for which Apple has invested half a million dollars, the A8 processor chip for which it has signed a deal with a Taiwanese company, the acquisition of PrimeSense Technology promising iPhone 6 to come with advanced camera and display and many more advanced features of iPhone 6 indicates an obvious price hike as well.

Apart from this obvious facts, analyst Chris Caso has also come with his own explanation as to why we can expect a price hike for iPhone 6. He is of the opinion that iPhone 5s, the latest model in the iPhone 5 series came with some advanced features, but it came with the same price tag as that of the iPhone 5c. This trend has led Caso to assume that it must have caused revenue erosion, but Apple had to deal with it because it wanted iPhone 5s to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy series phone on the price quotient. Therefore, Apple will definitely try to make up for the losses on the profit margin of iPhone 5s by quoting a higher price for iPhone 6.

However, he also states that iPhone 6 will certainly come with different internal storage capacity, most probably starting from 16GB and the price will increase by 100$ with increasing gigabytes. Therefore, suiting the budget of a wide range of consumers. The users have to consider their usage before investing on iPhone 6. However, there is no denying the fact that paying 100$ for every 16 GB or 34 GB at the max increase in storage capacity is expensive when compared with the price of SD card with the same internal memory.

Nonetheless, it is too early to come with a concrete solution just now as it has been only a couple of months since the release of iPhone 5s. But we are very sure that it will be higher than the price of the present phone because of all the above mentioned factors. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that iPhone 6 will come with lucrative contracts so that different categories of consumers bag it. There are other brands in the market who are known for superior Android devices, along with the release of iPhone 6 we would see in the market other manufacturers superior smartphones that are Galaxy Note 4, Xperia Z3 , Google Nexus 6 and LG G3 . No doubt, end user is going to enjoy because of the head on collission of alll of these beasts.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specifications

The upcoming beast from the Korean giant Samsung, Note 4 is the trending topic among tech-geeks. After the announcement of Galaxy S5 at MWC in Barcelona, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the next Smartphone cum phablet in the line-up to be released by the multinational company in third quarter later this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specifications
Galaxy Note 4 is expected to cover up and remove all the flaws experienced in Samsung’s previous smartphones and is likely to come up with mind boggling specifications. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is also expected to have Exynos 6 Hex-core processor clocked at 2.3 Ghz along with 3,700 mAh battery capacity and boosted by 4 GB RAM.

An improvement in camera specifications is expected with 18 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera along with features like Optical image stabilization, auto focus and 4k video recording. According to the rumors, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come with a newly designed S-Pen supported by Wacom digitizer-tech, but the air command & other commands will be modified, thus using the Galaxy Note will be more of a pleasure than pain.

Well with such a huge improvement in specifications from it’s predecessor along with stunning features it is expected to empty your pockets when it gets launched in August this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specifications
Galaxy Note 4 will have a all new Snapdragon-SoC processor that can bite through any tasks with much ease and coupled with a 4 GB RAM, the processes will run like butter.

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Requirement to Restore Exchange 2010 Database from Backup – Organizational Concern

A set of destructive causes over there due to which backup data of computers move to inaccessible mode but, unfortunately there are severe reasons due to which users can encounter a situation where getting back data from damaged files becomes complicated. To deal all these issues it is better to find out a way through which one can restore data from damaged backup. It is seen most of users have Exchange 2010 and how to restore Exchange 2010 database from backup is a big query that should be resolved properly. Before letting the cat out from the bag for resolving Exchange Backup Recovery concerns, the next section is going to disclose causes behind Exchange BKF corruption.

Exchange Backup Corruption Causes

NTBackup utility that is a far known application for creating backup of database assists to get back-up of all details stored into users’ computers. At the same end, this tool also helps to create replicas of Exchange files also. No matter which version of Exchange is used by users, this tool offers facility for creating backup files. Once the process to create backup gets ended then, most of us want to restore Exchange 2010 database from backup. At this time, if the users find backup file is damaged or corrupt then, it is really bothersome situation. Enlisted causes due to which Exchange users can face a situation where, Exchange backup corruption resolution plan should followed”

• Internal corruption of Exchange database may come across due to accidental dismounting of database while backup process is running

• Inaccessibility or non-readability of Exchange Server application may let the users stuck in a situation where B-tree structure gets damaged that further shows Exchange backup non-readability

• The database that was backed up moved to corrupt mode when there is some logical damage is done deliberately or unknowingly

Repair Exchange Backup Data Using World-class Tool

Recovery of damaged or corrupt BKF files can easily perform with Exchange Backup Recovery Tool which is designed with purpose to recover inaccessible data from corrupt backup files. Restore Exchange 2010 database from Backup will be quite easy after recovery of damaged Exchange backup data.

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A range of software applications is here for helping all the computer users. Exchange BKF Recovery Tool is devised with purpose to restore Exchange 2010 database from backup without altering internal attributes.
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What Restricts Users To Recover Data From Windows Backup?

NTBackup utility has been proved as a wonder wand for users of Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2000. This utility is free and in-built application in above mentioned Windows OS providing a safe backup of data files including features such as Automated System Recovery (bare metal recovery), Volume Shadow Copy, Active Directory backup, Registry backup etc.

With this freely available software users could implement backup creation and avoid costly third party backup software tools and hence this utility was availed by many users. Backup was created in the form of BKF file which could be easily restored using restore application of same NTBackup utility. But due to many external and internal issues users face problem to restore backup file. We will discuss some major issues which restrict users to Recover Data from Windows Backup.

Corruption Issues In Backup File

When BKF file is damaged or corrupted users find it difficult to restore backup file this happens because corruption make structure of backup file and it becomes unrecognizable by NTBackup utility. When users execute NTBackup restore application and loads backup file error messages are prompted which consequently ceases the restoration process completely.

This corruption can strike due to various reasons such as; virus infection, improper handling of system, abrupt system shutdown, inappropriate creation of backup, catalog files missing, CRC errors, and lot more. All these reasons ultimately corrupt backup file to the core and users are unable to fetch back there data.

Image Switch from Windows XP to Windows 7/8

Users migrated from Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8 thinking that users will restore backup file and get back all the old data readily. But unfortunately they couldn’t, this is because the newer versions of Windows including 7 and 8 do not support restoration of backup file.

Win7 has image system for backup and Win8 has File History system and backup applications of Win7 and Win8 are completely different from NTBackup utility and it also do not restore backup file of Windows XP NTBackup utility.

In both scenarios you will require some external help to provide a platform to restore backup file, BKF Repair is recommended for such restoration as it will provide restoration of backup file even if it is corrupted and supports Windows 7 & 8 OS as well.

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Various software solutions developed by the company resemble the perfection and solve many technical issues faced by users. BKF Recovery is one such solution which enable user to perform BKF File Repair so that user gets to recover data from backup file.
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Google Nexus 6 Release Date, Price, Specs and Features

One of the new tech toys that has joined the smart phone league, would be the Google’s “Nexus Series”, and with the Google Nexus 5, launched just months ago, doing a tremendous business in the market, we are here to review what to expect from its successor “Google Nexus 6”. Though most of it is mostly speculations, and the brand has kept mum about the product, we could definitely indulge in some wishful thinking.

Release Date

The key to marketing is to know the best time to launch a product. Every brand has created their own niches in the market, so even if you have a brilliant product lined up and the launch dates crash with a major brand, the feedbacks can be ugly and the reviews tough. However, Google does know how to market its product and keep the yearning on. We saw speculations of Nexus 5 launch in May 2013 which was however unveiled in November, so rumors of Nexus 6 launch vary somewhere from May 2014 to latest by October 2014. We just hope, that Google manages the balancing task well- impatience versus consistency.


One of the best thing about Google Nexus 5, was its affordability, which obviously always has to be rated against the features the phone promises to contain. If the rumors are to be believed, then Nexus 6 promises to deliver some kick-ass features. So, we can definitely expect it to be pricey yet affordable, something within $450, say a $100 more as compared to its predecessor which approximately amounts to Rs. 32,000 INR. Start saving people.

Specs and Features

So far as features are concerned, this is an amazing deal with some really fancy features in addition to your basic navigation and GPS accessories; take wireless charging, infrared sensors, ambient Light or HDMI Video Audio Inputs for example. And if these caught your fancy, the specifications are going to blow you off. Loaded with an Android 6 Milkshake or what could possibly be the Android 4.5 lolly pop, this sleek gadget with a 5.3 Super LCD screen allows a storage space of 128 GB in addition to 4GB RAM and is expected to run on a CPU of Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 or more. With unbeatable connectivity and Picture Quality (13MP Primary Camera along with a 5MP Secondary Camera), this one would be definitely up for grabs.

But with so much said about Google Nexus 6, the real test for the product would actually be tested with what the other market giants namely Samsung and Apple has in store for 2014. No doubts Google Nexus 6 would be killer product for sure, we wonder if it’s going to be killer enough?
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Samsung Galaxy S6 | Next From Samsung

Samsung’s next flagship device, Galaxy S6 will be more than just an improvement over the previous device, it will be a total revamp. The Galaxy S6 will have a lot of features, not gimmicks, because that has changed with the arrival of Galaxy S5. Galaxy S5 came with a lot of features, useful in each and every situation you can imagine. But what about the Galaxy S6? Well it’s going to be the next big thing you wished for. Let us take a dive into the specs of the next Galaxy.

Display and Operating System

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be a bit bigger than the Galaxy S5 which eases one handed operation. The device will come with a resolution of 2560x1440 with a pixel density of 532PPI all encased in a 5.2 inch SUPER AMOLED panel, protecting the screen will be CORNING GORILLA glass. The new TouchWiz UI will be implemented over the Android 5.0, with halo like icons with floating widgets and other key elements. Since we are not seeing so much bloatware on the Galaxy S5 we expect it to be the same on Galaxy S6 as well.

Processor and Camera

Samsung made a big leap from their conventional 13 Megapixel to a 16 Megapixel in the Galaxy S5, well it’s not too much to say the Galaxy S6 will pack a 21 Megapixel camera with the same ISOCELL technology giving the user more rich and detailed shots in that picture perfect moments and 4K video recording for those shouldn’t miss moments. The processor will be another step Samsung’s going to make, with the device packing a Snapdragon 805 SoC clocked at 2.6GHz with CAT 6 support and LTE support as well helped along with 3GB of RAM and there will be an Exynos variant with the A15 core clockin at 2.4GHz and A7 clocking at 1.9GHz both being quad core with the same RAM.

Battery and Other Features

Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with a 3200mAh battery which will last the device a full day with heavy usage. Other interesting feature will be the IP rating for water and dust proofing.

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Amazing Looks of Google Nexus 6 – Phablet Redefined

There is a rumor that Lenovo will manufacture Google Nexus 6. This company signed an agreement last week which will see it purchase Motorola. However, there is no evidence that can tell whether this will happen or not. Nevertheless, so much is being said about Nexus 6. Some people are wondering how this device will look like and what its features and specs will be.

How Google Nexus 6 will look like envisioned the look of Nexus 6 a few days ago. The details given by this website suggest that Google Nexus 6 will be curved and it will resemble the LG’s G Flex. Currently, Nexus series are trending in the Smartphone market. It is likely that Google will retain the trend in its new device.

Any manufacturer considers the demand and trend in manufacturing their products. Google will also pick posit specifications and then combine them to come up with a product that meets the expectations of consumers. Nexus Smartphone series have always impressed consumers. However, to remain competitive Google must pick the best specifications and use them in its updates. This is very important because haters will pick any specification that does not impress consumers and major on it in their criticism. Recent rumors say that Google Nexus 6 will come in six colors.

These are:

• Green

• Yellow

• Blue

• Black

• White

• Red

Nexus 6 release date

Everybody who has heard about Google Nexus 6 awaits the news of its release date. This is because with the rumors of it being manufactured by a different company sparks curiosity of technology fans. Nexus 5 was released in November 2013. However, to most technology fans this is old news. They are now waiting for the great release of the Nexus 6.

Many consumers say that Nexus 4 and 5 gave them good value of their money. The price of these devices started at £300 despite giving buyers amazing features. Going by this trend, it is no doubt that buyers expect the latest update to be a great device.

Specifications of Google Nexus 6

Among the specifications of Google Nexus 6 that most people are talking about include the following:

√ 2.4Ghz Tru Octa-core processor

√ Ultra High Definition 2K resolution


√ 5 inches display

√ Battery of 3100 mAh

Smartphone display will be a great factor to consider when purchasing this device. Google will not be left behind with its Nexus 6. Soon, the concept of Google Nexus 6 will be released too.
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Let your brain act younger by playing multitasking video games

A recent study to be published in Academic Journal Nature has uncovered a new possible application for video games. The study shows that video games can be used to boost short and long term focus in older adults. With that in mind, there’s a question rising: can video games help people’s brains act younger?

Let’s see what research says

multitasking video games
The study run by cognitive scientists from the University of California cost three hundred thousand dollars and took a sample of adults through a custom built video game. The game was designed to make people pick out road signs while driving a car, discounting signs that were of no importance while picking out significant ones.

The sample was split broadly into two areas: those in their twenties and those between sixty and eighty. The younger sample registered a twenty six percent drop in efficiency when multi tasking while the older sample immediately registered a drop of sixty four percent.

The study was repeated after the samples were trained in the use of the game over time and the results were interesting to say the least. The study noted that the older sample regained the cognitive ability of the younger sample after being exposed to the game over time. Furthermore the older sample operated at this level equal to the younger sample outside of the game environment and continued to show improvements over six months.

Videos can help train specific areas of the mind

It looks like video games can be used to train certain areas of the mind. The issue is that the best way to train the mind is still not known. Dr Daphne Bavelier, a cognitive scientist whose own research into training the brain with video games has paved the way for further study, believes that the art to training the brain effectively using video games of other interactive media is still not understood.

So called brain games designed to boost mental ability are not scrutinized enough and should be constantly altered and studied to ascertain the perfect balance to stimulate the brain. Rather than support and admit that video games are good, some people are just too focused on laying out their drawbacks.

We’re still talking about experiments

Dr Gazzaley believes that the study - entitled Neuroracer (because it’s powered by the Neuroracer video game) by the University of California - is a major leap forward but should not be used as clear definitive evidence of real world application. His opinion on the matter is that the Neuroracer study showed clear benefits for the six months after but was not an accurate depiction of the real world, being a laboratory controlled experiment. Further study is required to understand the possible real world implications of the findings.

Chief among what is to be uncovered is whether these benefits are actually permanent or long term. Whether the experiment is proof that brain boosting abilities can be achieved with video game stimulus is not proved without a doubt by Neuroracer.

The study did however use theta brain wave measuring apparatus to judge alterations in the theta brain wave (linked to attention spans) and this was indeed improved in the older sample. This gave very clear evidence that something has improved during the game. What and for how long is up for debate.

We can’t know for sure what will happen from now, however we want to hope that video games can revive the brain and make it more active. Now it’s up to the scientists to prove their allegations, and who knows, maybe at one point in the future video games will be seen as a therapeutic way of boosting the brain?

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Christopher Austin is the writer to this article and several other articles. He loves to talk, discuss and spread awareness about anything interesting going on around us. He is also editor at a gaming site Cooking Games 365.
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Delving Into the Future of Smartphones

The amount of innovation and invention in technology, features and functions that are being made in the smartphone industry is just massive. Every company is trying to outsmart the other, in the race to become the leader of the industry. The intensity of the competition has led to the creation of some of the most insanely awesome devices. However, we are not shunning our door of expectations yet, but expecting these brands to come out with more captivating devices.

A new year and everyone expect new devices especially from the top brands. With 2014 here, people have already contemplated what kind of devices might make the headlines. Bloggers and tech gurus have already been giving us a fair idea on the kind of devices that we can expect to see from particular brands.

Delving Into the Future of Smartphones

This smartphone giant is planning to unleash some more monsters into the battlefield sometime this year. Apple plans to bring the iPhone 6 and the iPhone Air. There are talks about a late release of the iPhone 6 probably around November; otherwise it might just get an early release sometime in May. The idea of an early release is being strongly supported from many quarters considering the fact that the company is going to get into the phablet game with its iPhone Air that will most probably have a 6 inch display and is destined to be released early around May.

The iPhone 6 is expected to have a bigger display and a more compact form, thanks to thinner and lighter materials that would be used. The display will be constructed out of unscratchable Sapphire glass and the device might just be the thinnest smartphone, if reports are to be believed.


HTC plans to introduce another HTC One into the already existing crowd of HTC Ones. You can expect solid build quality like other HTC devices and the model will have a 2.3 GHz quad core Qualcomm chip and a 5 inch display, running on Android 4.4 KitKat. This device might get a very early release in February when the Mobile World Congress takes place.


Nokia Mobile has been seriously trying to restore its position in the mobile industry ever since it was overtaken by Samsung and Apple with the arrival of smartphones. It has regained some fresh ground by being the only brand that exclusively produces only Windows phone. The company is expected to launch another Lumia device - the Nokia Lumia 929, which will have a 5 inch full-HD display. There are talks of Nokia launching it in the US, at the MWC in the last week of February, unless it gets an early release.


Undoubtedly the biggest player in the market, at the moment, with its line of galaxy smart devices, this Korean giant rules the roost in terms of sales. After continuously setting benchmarks with the S2, S3 and S4 devices the brand is expected to launch the Galaxy S5 towards the end of the first quarter of 2014.

Samsung Mobile has floated the idea of making its next line of smartphones with only 64-bit processors. If rumours are to be believed, Samsung might just drop Android for Tizen, the OS it has co-developed with Intel. However, Samsung might also release the S5 with Android in continuation of the Galaxy S line, and release another smartphone with Tizen. There are lots of rumours flying around and it is really hard to figure what might be the actual product that will be released.

The Galaxy round with a curved screen has been announced and confirmed, unlike the S5. You just might get to possess it really early because it is slated for an early launch.


LG plans to bring out a curved display smartphone similar to the Samsung Galaxy Round. The only difference between the two, in terms of the form, is that the LG Flex’s display will have a horizontal axis curve while the Samsung device will have a vertical axis curve. It will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, a 13 MP camera, and some snazzy functions 11 ac WiFi and NFC like infrared transmitter for controlling devices like TV. It will feature a 6 inch POLED screen, landing it in the phablet category.

You can keep yourself updated about these smartphones through various electronic and digital magazines - print or online. There are also online shopping sites that will be including them in their smartphones collection once the products are launched. You can also go for pre-release orders that online shopping sites provide, before the devices are actually launched on these sites, as soon as they are officially announced by the companies.

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Chandan is a tech enthusiast and blogger with a flair for writing crisp and concise articles that bring to light all the necessary details of a device in a way that is understood by the common reader. He Works with and has extensively researched in Online Shopping websites in order to gain some levels of insight into the market. His expertise along with enthusiasm for writing has helped him create crisp articles that speak directly to the consumer. The field of e-commerce is a budding and booming business model that is ever changing; Chandan keeps track of how the market evolves and researches products based on the market flux. He always goes for the bigger picture when writing about products and thinks of the impact it will have on the new gen consumer.
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How to protect HP Laptop Screens

If the HP laptop screens of your laptops are broken, cracked or have dead pixels, you need to carry out laptop screens replacement. To replace the screen you can have it done by a professional especially if you do not know how to do it. Most people tend to carry out minimal computer repairs themselves and you can easily replace HP laptop screens by following instructions that are readily available online. To do this you need a Philips screwdriver and a normal screwdriver.

You may also ask for help from a friend or a family member who is really good at computers and may be able to carry out laptop screens replacement. To be able to select the right laptop screens replacement for your laptop, you need to check the original manufacturer (OEM) part number which is often at the back of the screen that is broken or not working. You can also search for the right HP laptop screen by searching for a screen that is compatible with your laptop model or OEM. To carry out laptop screens replacement you can easily remove the faulty screen from your laptop by unscrewing the small screws that hold the HP laptop screens in place.

There are very many variations in laptop screens replacement as there are many types of LCD screens. To avoid being confused you can select the right replacement HP laptop screens for your laptop model. Selecting the proper screen is very important as the replacement screen must be an exact match as the original one that came with your laptop so that your laptop functions as it should.

How to protect HP Laptop Screens
Most laptop screen suppliers have easy to use locator tools which help you to identify the right screen for your laptop model. They may also have instructions on how to carry out Laptop Screens Replacement yourself including how to remove and replace your faulty laptop panel.You can get a better quality with higher resolution as these are available in almost all types of HP laptop screens. Some of the LCD HP laptop screens that are available include those with different screen resolutions such as svga, xga, wxga, wxga+, sxga among others.

There are also HP laptop screens with glossy finishes or matte finishes depending on what you prefer.It is important to note that laptop screens replacement are not manufactured by HP but they are manufactured by the same manufacturers who make the screens that are placed in HP computers. It is important that you purchase high quality screens so that they last long and have no defects. New replacement HP laptop screens are the best option as they are likely to last longer. Used HP laptop screens may not last as long but these tend to be cheaper and will work well for some time.

The author is a computer enthusiast and trained computer technician who has replaced laptop screens and other computer parts for ten years. He loves to carry out laptop screens replacements in his spare time.
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