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Samsung’s next flagship device, Galaxy S6 will be more than just an improvement over the previous device, it will be a total revamp. The Galaxy S6 will have a lot of features, not gimmicks, because that has changed with the arrival of Galaxy S5. Galaxy S5 came with a lot of features, useful in each and every situation you can imagine. But what about the Galaxy S6? Well it’s going to be the next big thing you wished for. Let us take a dive into the specs of the next Galaxy.

Display and Operating System

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be a bit bigger than the Galaxy S5 which eases one handed operation. The device will come with a resolution of 2560x1440 with a pixel density of 532PPI all encased in a 5.2 inch SUPER AMOLED panel, protecting the screen will be CORNING GORILLA glass. The new TouchWiz UI will be implemented over the Android 5.0, with halo like icons with floating widgets and other key elements. Since we are not seeing so much bloatware on the Galaxy S5 we expect it to be the same on Galaxy S6 as well.

Processor and Camera

Samsung made a big leap from their conventional 13 Megapixel to a 16 Megapixel in the Galaxy S5, well it’s not too much to say the Galaxy S6 will pack a 21 Megapixel camera with the same ISOCELL technology giving the user more rich and detailed shots in that picture perfect moments and 4K video recording for those shouldn’t miss moments. The processor will be another step Samsung’s going to make, with the device packing a Snapdragon 805 SoC clocked at 2.6GHz with CAT 6 support and LTE support as well helped along with 3GB of RAM and there will be an Exynos variant with the A15 core clockin at 2.4GHz and A7 clocking at 1.9GHz both being quad core with the same RAM.

Battery and Other Features

Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with a 3200mAh battery which will last the device a full day with heavy usage. Other interesting feature will be the IP rating for water and dust proofing.

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