What Restricts Users To Recover Data From Windows Backup?

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NTBackup utility has been proved as a wonder wand for users of Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2000. This utility is free and in-built application in above mentioned Windows OS providing a safe backup of data files including features such as Automated System Recovery (bare metal recovery), Volume Shadow Copy, Active Directory backup, Registry backup etc.

With this freely available software users could implement backup creation and avoid costly third party backup software tools and hence this utility was availed by many users. Backup was created in the form of BKF file which could be easily restored using restore application of same NTBackup utility. But due to many external and internal issues users face problem to restore backup file. We will discuss some major issues which restrict users to Recover Data from Windows Backup.

Corruption Issues In Backup File

When BKF file is damaged or corrupted users find it difficult to restore backup file this happens because corruption make structure of backup file and it becomes unrecognizable by NTBackup utility. When users execute NTBackup restore application and loads backup file error messages are prompted which consequently ceases the restoration process completely.

This corruption can strike due to various reasons such as; virus infection, improper handling of system, abrupt system shutdown, inappropriate creation of backup, catalog files missing, CRC errors, and lot more. All these reasons ultimately corrupt backup file to the core and users are unable to fetch back there data.

Image Switch from Windows XP to Windows 7/8

Users migrated from Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8 thinking that users will restore backup file and get back all the old data readily. But unfortunately they couldn’t, this is because the newer versions of Windows including 7 and 8 do not support restoration of backup file.

Win7 has image system for backup and Win8 has File History system and backup applications of Win7 and Win8 are completely different from NTBackup utility and it also do not restore backup file of Windows XP NTBackup utility.

In both scenarios you will require some external help to provide a platform to restore backup file, BKF Repair is recommended for such restoration as it will provide restoration of backup file even if it is corrupted and supports Windows 7 & 8 OS as well.

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Various software solutions developed by the company resemble the perfection and solve many technical issues faced by users. BKF Recovery is one such solution which enable user to perform BKF File Repair so that user gets to recover data from backup file.

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