Delving Into the Future of Smartphones

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The amount of innovation and invention in technology, features and functions that are being made in the smartphone industry is just massive. Every company is trying to outsmart the other, in the race to become the leader of the industry. The intensity of the competition has led to the creation of some of the most insanely awesome devices. However, we are not shunning our door of expectations yet, but expecting these brands to come out with more captivating devices.

A new year and everyone expect new devices especially from the top brands. With 2014 here, people have already contemplated what kind of devices might make the headlines. Bloggers and tech gurus have already been giving us a fair idea on the kind of devices that we can expect to see from particular brands.

Delving Into the Future of Smartphones

This smartphone giant is planning to unleash some more monsters into the battlefield sometime this year. Apple plans to bring the iPhone 6 and the iPhone Air. There are talks about a late release of the iPhone 6 probably around November; otherwise it might just get an early release sometime in May. The idea of an early release is being strongly supported from many quarters considering the fact that the company is going to get into the phablet game with its iPhone Air that will most probably have a 6 inch display and is destined to be released early around May.

The iPhone 6 is expected to have a bigger display and a more compact form, thanks to thinner and lighter materials that would be used. The display will be constructed out of unscratchable Sapphire glass and the device might just be the thinnest smartphone, if reports are to be believed.


HTC plans to introduce another HTC One into the already existing crowd of HTC Ones. You can expect solid build quality like other HTC devices and the model will have a 2.3 GHz quad core Qualcomm chip and a 5 inch display, running on Android 4.4 KitKat. This device might get a very early release in February when the Mobile World Congress takes place.


Nokia Mobile has been seriously trying to restore its position in the mobile industry ever since it was overtaken by Samsung and Apple with the arrival of smartphones. It has regained some fresh ground by being the only brand that exclusively produces only Windows phone. The company is expected to launch another Lumia device - the Nokia Lumia 929, which will have a 5 inch full-HD display. There are talks of Nokia launching it in the US, at the MWC in the last week of February, unless it gets an early release.


Undoubtedly the biggest player in the market, at the moment, with its line of galaxy smart devices, this Korean giant rules the roost in terms of sales. After continuously setting benchmarks with the S2, S3 and S4 devices the brand is expected to launch the Galaxy S5 towards the end of the first quarter of 2014.

Samsung Mobile has floated the idea of making its next line of smartphones with only 64-bit processors. If rumours are to be believed, Samsung might just drop Android for Tizen, the OS it has co-developed with Intel. However, Samsung might also release the S5 with Android in continuation of the Galaxy S line, and release another smartphone with Tizen. There are lots of rumours flying around and it is really hard to figure what might be the actual product that will be released.

The Galaxy round with a curved screen has been announced and confirmed, unlike the S5. You just might get to possess it really early because it is slated for an early launch.


LG plans to bring out a curved display smartphone similar to the Samsung Galaxy Round. The only difference between the two, in terms of the form, is that the LG Flex’s display will have a horizontal axis curve while the Samsung device will have a vertical axis curve. It will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, a 13 MP camera, and some snazzy functions 11 ac WiFi and NFC like infrared transmitter for controlling devices like TV. It will feature a 6 inch POLED screen, landing it in the phablet category.

You can keep yourself updated about these smartphones through various electronic and digital magazines - print or online. There are also online shopping sites that will be including them in their smartphones collection once the products are launched. You can also go for pre-release orders that online shopping sites provide, before the devices are actually launched on these sites, as soon as they are officially announced by the companies.

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