Google Nexus 6 Release Date, Price, Specs and Features

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One of the new tech toys that has joined the smart phone league, would be the Google’s “Nexus Series”, and with the Google Nexus 5, launched just months ago, doing a tremendous business in the market, we are here to review what to expect from its successor “Google Nexus 6”. Though most of it is mostly speculations, and the brand has kept mum about the product, we could definitely indulge in some wishful thinking.

Release Date

The key to marketing is to know the best time to launch a product. Every brand has created their own niches in the market, so even if you have a brilliant product lined up and the launch dates crash with a major brand, the feedbacks can be ugly and the reviews tough. However, Google does know how to market its product and keep the yearning on. We saw speculations of Nexus 5 launch in May 2013 which was however unveiled in November, so rumors of Nexus 6 launch vary somewhere from May 2014 to latest by October 2014. We just hope, that Google manages the balancing task well- impatience versus consistency.


One of the best thing about Google Nexus 5, was its affordability, which obviously always has to be rated against the features the phone promises to contain. If the rumors are to be believed, then Nexus 6 promises to deliver some kick-ass features. So, we can definitely expect it to be pricey yet affordable, something within $450, say a $100 more as compared to its predecessor which approximately amounts to Rs. 32,000 INR. Start saving people.

Specs and Features

So far as features are concerned, this is an amazing deal with some really fancy features in addition to your basic navigation and GPS accessories; take wireless charging, infrared sensors, ambient Light or HDMI Video Audio Inputs for example. And if these caught your fancy, the specifications are going to blow you off. Loaded with an Android 6 Milkshake or what could possibly be the Android 4.5 lolly pop, this sleek gadget with a 5.3 Super LCD screen allows a storage space of 128 GB in addition to 4GB RAM and is expected to run on a CPU of Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 or more. With unbeatable connectivity and Picture Quality (13MP Primary Camera along with a 5MP Secondary Camera), this one would be definitely up for grabs.

But with so much said about Google Nexus 6, the real test for the product would actually be tested with what the other market giants namely Samsung and Apple has in store for 2014. No doubts Google Nexus 6 would be killer product for sure, we wonder if it’s going to be killer enough?

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