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There is a rumor that Lenovo will manufacture Google Nexus 6. This company signed an agreement last week which will see it purchase Motorola. However, there is no evidence that can tell whether this will happen or not. Nevertheless, so much is being said about Nexus 6. Some people are wondering how this device will look like and what its features and specs will be.

How Google Nexus 6 will look like envisioned the look of Nexus 6 a few days ago. The details given by this website suggest that Google Nexus 6 will be curved and it will resemble the LG’s G Flex. Currently, Nexus series are trending in the Smartphone market. It is likely that Google will retain the trend in its new device.

Any manufacturer considers the demand and trend in manufacturing their products. Google will also pick posit specifications and then combine them to come up with a product that meets the expectations of consumers. Nexus Smartphone series have always impressed consumers. However, to remain competitive Google must pick the best specifications and use them in its updates. This is very important because haters will pick any specification that does not impress consumers and major on it in their criticism. Recent rumors say that Google Nexus 6 will come in six colors.

These are:

• Green

• Yellow

• Blue

• Black

• White

• Red

Nexus 6 release date

Everybody who has heard about Google Nexus 6 awaits the news of its release date. This is because with the rumors of it being manufactured by a different company sparks curiosity of technology fans. Nexus 5 was released in November 2013. However, to most technology fans this is old news. They are now waiting for the great release of the Nexus 6.

Many consumers say that Nexus 4 and 5 gave them good value of their money. The price of these devices started at £300 despite giving buyers amazing features. Going by this trend, it is no doubt that buyers expect the latest update to be a great device.

Specifications of Google Nexus 6

Among the specifications of Google Nexus 6 that most people are talking about include the following:

√ 2.4Ghz Tru Octa-core processor

√ Ultra High Definition 2K resolution


√ 5 inches display

√ Battery of 3100 mAh

Smartphone display will be a great factor to consider when purchasing this device. Google will not be left behind with its Nexus 6. Soon, the concept of Google Nexus 6 will be released too.

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