Top 10 Windows Phone Apps for Students For Language Learning

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A mobile phone may not be the perfect device to help a student learn a language, but it does have its benefits and those benefits may be enjoyed by students if they know where to look for the apps. The apps listed below are all very useful Windows apps that will help a student to learn a new language. Many of them are good because they are also very useful for learning other subjects too. The list is in no particular order, as it seemed unfair to rank them.

1 - Tutorle
You can learn a new language by using dictionaries. The difference is that you can do it with voice pronunciation functions too, and it has a flash card section. It helps you to figure out and pronounce new words a lot easier.

2 - My Flip Cards

This is a flip card app that works in a very similar way to regular flashcards apps. The best thing about this app that makes it a cut above the rest is that you are given the choice of over three million flashcards to flip through. This means that you will not have to write your own flashcards to flip between because they are already done for you and waiting for you to start flipping when you are ready.

3 - Power Planner

This is a nice little app for remembering to do your homework. It is a planning app that allows you to create a wide number of plans for different situations. This means that you may even plan how you study your language and plan out your next month’s lessons that you have to attend. It can remind you of when thing such as homework are going to be due and allows you to plan for any sort of language based up-and-coming problems.

4 - Langeroo Toolbox Apps

This is a toolbox of quizzes and flashcards that a student of languages may use in order to get more done when it comes to a language. It is a good tool for revision, which may appeal to some students, and it has flashcards for learning languages. There are over one hundred flashcards that have an image that goes with each word to help the student associate the foreign word with the picture.

5 - Bing Translator

This is the Bing version of the Google translator and is useful for finding words that you are unsure about. It is not going to do your homework for you, but it is going to make your coursework a little more sophisticated. This is especially true if the app is used to try and figure out new words that may be used within coursework text. You may make it appear as if you have a far larger vocabulary than you actually do.

6 - FlashStudy English

Sadly, this app is nothing to do with the movie flash dance, and is more a flashcard app for people learning English. You may set the app so that the cards come up in a certain order. This means that you may make it a little more difficult as the flashcard app goes on. Or, you could put them in a random order and learn English that way. It is very good for people who are trying to learn past, present and future tenses in English.

7 - Spanish Past Tense

It teaches you about the Spanish language, but it concentrates on sentence structure. It is good for any level of Spanish learning that you happen to be on, and it helps you to focus on past tense in a way that vastly improves your written Spanish. There are 240 Spanish verbs in the app that help you to sort through and figure out your sentences a little easier. You can pick up the language a lot quicker and a lot more efficiently.

8 - Flashcards+

This is a nice flashcards app that you can use on a language course. It has a very nice built-in flashcard editor so that you can create your own flashcards very easily. You can keep creating flashcards as you go so that it helps you to learn in the long run and build up your knowledge more thoroughly.

9 – Skydrive

With a list such as this, it is hard to miss adding at least one cloud service. This cloud service will allow you to save a mass of your homework on the cloud, and will make it easier for you to share your project work with other students and get your collaborative works done a little faster and more efficiently. You can save notes, dates and important details too. Plus, you can use it to save your essays or your essay structures, notes and plans.

10 - Todoist Lite

Take down notes on each different niche of you language. Add a folder for things that happen in the kitchen, bedroom, office, etc. Or, you can go the route of learning new phrases and writing them down so that you can practice them through the day. Three new full phrases per week in your to-do list and you will soon have the language mastered.

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