How to Create Customized Browser for Your Computer

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Yes, you heard it right! You can also create your own custom web-browser for your computer and browse within it. There may be a question rise in your mind that how we can make a browser without knowing any coding, but don’t worry because there is a free online tool which let you make your own browser with some customized features without any coding to do. If you want to make yours and want to know how then you’ve to read this post because here we’re going to teach you briefly how to make your own browser for PC.

Customizations you can apply:

In the browser you are going to make, you can apply the following customizations, i.e

1. Your own logo

2. Custom Name

3. Custom bookmarks and homepage

4. Custom features – given below etc.

How to Make Your Own Browser Online:

Now here we’re going to teach you how you can make your own web-browser for your computer, having your own logo icon, bookmarks etc. Actually we’ll be make use of MakeMyBrowser which let you do it. The process of making a browser with this is very easy and straight forward, all you need to do is to follow the below instructions and do the steps carefully.

Step-1: First of all you need to do is go to MakeMyBrowser’s WEBSITE [] and then click on “Start Now” button.

Step-2: In the new page, you will need to give a name to your browser and set your own (or pre-made) icon to the new browser, So enter the name in the first box, and click on ‘Select or upload’ button, a new box appear where you have to select an icon or click on upload button if you want to upload your own.

Step-3: Now next step is to add your bookmarks, so click on select bookmarks button at the lower-right corner. After you click on this button, it asks you that do you want to import your bookmarks from google chrome browser ? Now it is upto you, click import if you want or click “Continue/Skip” button if you don’t want.

Create Customized Browser
Step-4: Here you can add your own bookmarks to the browser, Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo and Amazon are already added if you want to add your own then you’ve to click on ‘Add A New Bookmark’ so you’ll be given two boxes first is to add the link and second is name. Also click on ‘Select Homepage’ if you want to select a homepage of your own choice. After setting that click on add features.
Create Customized Browser
Step-5: Now here are some features you can add to your new browser you’re going to make i.e popup blocking, Unblock blocked sites, Translator, screen captures with annotations, etc. So select one by one in the list which you want to add to your newly browser and then click on Select Theme button.
Create Customized Browser
Step-6: Now you’ll be given 8 themes from which you can select a theme you want. As you select a theme, your browser is ready to download, now click on finish and download button so an automatic download starts and you can see the new browser you created in your downloads folder. Now you can install this on your computer and enjoy your own customized browser.

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So friends, above we shared a web-based application which can be used in order to make your own web-browser for your computer, I hope you liked this post.

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