3 Steps To A Successful Search Engine Ranking

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In this article I am going to share 3, yes three, free SEO tips. I am aware that most articles on SEO are rather long, difficult to understand and contain so many points. Making it difficult for you as the reader to make a start. This is why you will learn 3 essential tips in this article so you can learn and take action instantly. Enjoy!

1. Keyword Research

I would say that 99% of businesses select the wrong keywords to target and rank for. This is why very few business owners succeed online and why it’s at the top of my list today.

I prefer to refer to keywords as key phrases as this helps newbies to SEO understand that we are talking about multiple words rather than a key ‘word’.
If you are a car dealer there is no point for you to target singular keywords such as ‘cars’. Why is this you may ask? Put simply the competition will be unbelievable. Put bluntly you will be wasting your time.

Target location related, long tail key phrases that include multiple keywords. For instance; ‘web design Colchester’ is a keyword that is relevant to a web design company based in Colchester.

2. Low Competition Keywords

Terms such as ‘car dealer in Colchester’ will be far less competitive to rank for and guess what, your customers are most likely to use these terms to find you!

It’s essential that you target less competitive keywords and then slowly build your ranking across other terms once you have mastered your local search ranking.

3. Target Relevant Keywords

The term relevance is so broad that many would assume the term ‘cars’ is a relevant term for a car dealership based in Colchester. Essentially this is correct in grammatical terms, however when it comes to ranking high within the search engines and fulfilling Google’s desire to deliver the most ‘relevant’ content means that us as website owners need to focus on highly ‘relevant’ search terms.


I hope that you enjoy this article and it helps you increase your search engine rankings. It’s important to keep on top of the latest developments provided by Google. This will ensure that your website continuously meets the latest search requirements and retains a leading search ranking.

About the Author:
Danny Nevill is an internet marketing specialist that has worked with small to medium sized businesses with turnovers from £50,000 to £35 million. Danny is the founder of web design company – Universal Web Design which has helped various businesses gain a high search engine ranking.

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